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Nanto Paint presents today its innovative coatings technology at Polymer Processing Society

Roberto Cafagna and Samuel Kenig (respectively CEO and CTO) of Nanto Paint presents the innovative anticorrosive technology

at a lecture at the Europe Africa 2014 Regional Conference of the International Polymer Processing Society.

Nanto Paint has developed specially treated nano-shards that, when added to regular paint, make it three times more rust-resistant than previously. Nano-particles prevent oxygen and dampness from penetrating the paint.

What this means is that bridges, ships, pipes and other steel-based infrastructure, which at present have to be painted once a year, can now wait three years to get a paint job. The technology will even prevent pipe explosions due to corrosion.

Nanto Paint has developed a wide range of products dedicated to specific industries:

- Series NPC 5000: a very flexible formulation that satisfies all the requirements coming from OEMs, transportation, agricultural and heavy-duty machineries

-Series NPC 6000: specific to high value infrastructures such as bridges, buildings, general constructions, chemical and mining plants.

-Series NPC 7000: oriented to the applications close to and under the sea (jetties, vessels, barges and tugboats)

-Series NPC 9000: designed for storage tanks –both fixed roofs and shells- of substances like gas, crude oil, jet fuel, salty, potable and wastewater.

-Series NPC 10000: suitable for pipelines (crude oil, jet fuel, water and all the types of chemicals)

-Series NPC 11000 dedicated to offshore installations: fixed platforms, floating production unit, mobile rigs.

 “Over the long term, this could spell savings of billions of dollars worldwide. Today, the need to paint a ship or pipes once a year does not just involve the cost of painting, but the ship or pipes have to be taken out of commission while they are being painted,” said Mr. Cafagna.