Nanto Paint® R&D department is constantly developing new systems and solutions to further increase its product portfolio.
We are currently focused on the Functional Coatings world where the traditional paints, beside its anticorrosion properties, have outstanding additional properties.
Nanto Paint® is developing, with its proven experience into nanotechnology business, two new products: 

  • Non stick coatings
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant coatings

Functionalities that are highly requested into Oil&Gas, Marine and Yacthing sectors.
Our experts are able to functionalize the nanoparticles in order to improve its properties, resulting in products with low friction rate able to enhance the liquids flow inside the pipelines or to reduce the friction of boats and yachts during navigation.
Nanto Paint® has already reached excellent results in these and the solutions are on the way to be patented.

Our future anti-stick products will be applicable in a huge variety of industries. The nanoparticles ensure a durability never seen before in addition to a low coefficient of friction, non wetting properties and easy cleaning.

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