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From startup to technology company

From company focused on research and technology transfer to business group leader in its market and at the forefront of product quality, innovation, research and development. This is the path of the Italian Nanto Cleantech, born in 2011, internationalization driven, which is a today a technology company with expertise in scouting, evaluation and development of emerging technologies and especially in the advanced materials sector. The company approaches international markets with heavy investments in new technologies. In nine years the group has developed extensive patents worldwide, enhanced the technological know-how, increased international networking, structured and consolidated investments with private capital and institutional. Nanto Cleantech is a technology holding company that provides innovative solutions in the field of advanced materials for a variety of applications and markets.

Nanto (acronym of Nano Technology Transfer Organization) was founded in 2005 in Trieste, a city with a strong international scientific vocation, from the intuition of Roberto Cafagna, a manager with experience in strategy and business management, technology transfer and start-up companies. The company is focused on the research, consulting, assessment and economic evaluation of emerging technologies to create innovative products. The strength of the company is the combination of expertise in nanotechnologies and the competence in creating industrial and commercial strategic partnerships both in Europe and in the emerging markets.

In 2009 comes the first international recognition: the project "Nanto Paint" won the international business plan competition "Nanochallenge", presenting the business idea for the development of innovative anti-corrosion paints and coatings based on nanotechnology. This project lead to the establishment of Nanto Protective Coating, joint venture with Veneto Nanotech, Italian leader in the nanotechnology cluster. The following year Nanto Paint is recognized as the best start-ups in the selection Triveneto part of the competition" Talent of Ideas "organized by Unicredit Bank and Confindustria. Nanto is continuously enhancing its knowledge in the cleantech sector by developing technologies, know-how and patents.

In 2012, Nanto Protective Coating receives the award for best new product from the "NACE International", an organization of more than 30,000 companies in over 116 countries, the world leader in the prevention, control and certification of corrosion. In 2013 Simest, the Italian Society for Companies Abroad, invested in Nanto. The international project involves the opening of a production unit for the functionalization of nanoparticles and multi-line business development in developing countries, through agreements with foreign partners for the marketing and distribution of its products.

The company own two international patents, one on the technological matrix corrosion, and a fire retardant technology matrix, extended in more than 15 countries with a focus on emerging markets in Africa, South America, Near and Far East. The value created by the patents has now a capitalization of more than € 2.5 million.

Nanto Paint is a product range developed for applications in the fields "Protective and Marine" with proprietary technology. All products are qualified and certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14001 and ASTM International.
The first products launched are the anticorrosive, whose strengths are:
- Increased performance over 40%, which means an increase the service life of the coated asset
- Ensure the same performance by reducing the coating thickness by 20%
- Increased performance thanks to nanotechnology and reduction of chemicals harmful to the environment
- Innovative and cost-effective.

The "Fire Retardant" product line is going to be marketed soon. The strength of these products consists in using modified nanoparticles to increase safety for people and environment by enhancing the fire resistance of consumer goods and civil infrastructure.

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