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AD MAIORA trimaran successful performance at the Palermo-Montecarlo 2018 with Nanto Paint reduced friction coating

After its debut at the 151 Miglia regatta, the legendary trimaran ORMA60 AD MAIORA has gained the third position at the challenging Palermo-Montecarlo. The regatta started on 21st August at 12 am with 54 participating sailboats.

The legendary ORMA60 ex Fleury Michon IX was in second position on the night of 21st August and was sailing between 2 and 4 knots more than RAMBLER 88, reaching a peek of 21 knots at certain moments. Unfortunately, an accident occurred the same night and the trimaran has been forced to sail only at 70% of its potential, but when the morning rose, the damage had been fixed and the trimaran could sail again at its 100%, gaining the 4th position under ATALANTA II. The night of 22nd August there was total absence of wind, but at the first light of dawn the wind started again to blow and AD MAIORA begin to race again surpassing ATALANTA II. Skipper Bruno Cardile said he and its crew did their best and, even if AD MAIORA didn’t win, it has been a very exciting race to the goal in Montecarlo, trying to reach RAMBLER 88.

Nanto Paint is technical sponsor of AD MAIORA, with its nanotechnology-based products for hull applications, with properties of friction reduction. This foul release coating contains a patented biocide-free nanotechnology, which allow to reduce drag, to increase the speed of the boat. Moreover, the coating provides self-cleaning performances when the boat is sailing, avoiding fouling adhesion.