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Nanto Protective Coating signs a partnership with NanoMyte, a division of NEI Corporation

The Italian company Nanto Protective Coating and the American company American NanoMyte, signed a new partnership. The American company is a division of NEI Corporation, which has been manufacturing nanotechnology products since 1997. American NanoMyte was founded in order to focus its attention exclusively on cromate-free coatings and anticorrosion inhibiting additives.

The purpose of the partnership is to combine the know-how and different technologies to operate in the anticorrosion sector, in the United States and Canada.

The high capabilities of both companies allow them to cooperate in many market sectors, such as: marine, constructions, solar energy, steel infrastructures, trains and logistic, and Oil&Gas industries.

The target is to work together in order to offer new products, services and solutions to the problem of corrosion which affects many industrial applications.