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NACE awards the Prize “MP Reader’s Choice Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award 2012” to Nanto Protective Coating.

On March 13th, 2012, Nanto Protective Coating won the prize MP Reader’s Choice Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award 2012 during CORROSION 2012, the International Conference Expo on corrosion, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Award is organized by NACE International, the biggest International Organization focused on corrosion offering the opportunity to win the Award to Companies of all over the world that develop innovations in corrosion control. In this way, Nanto Protective Coating technology has been inserted into the list of the 10 most promising innovations among 64 technologies evaluated by 17 countries in all the world.

This outcome and all the International acknowledgments involved confirm the success of the developed Technology innovation. We have not only got the acknowledgment of the totally technology novelty for a technology completely transferred to Industry but also a technical-industrial acknowledgment of the maintenance of the performance enhancement up to 40 % on the lifetime expectancy. In fact we have been able to increase the 680 hours of paints lifetime to almost 1000 hours, with the potentiality to get for primer and intermediate cycles up to 1500 hours.

But, the most important acknowledgment comes from the most authoritative association in the world, the NACE Institution, acknowledging us to have changed the applications in the anticorrosion sector on both the patented and industrial level with nanotech products.

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