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Nanto Protective Coating attends the Green Innovation Expo 2012

Nanto Protective Coating took part to the Event born on the initiative of the European Commission and co-organised by Foundation Sophia Antipolis and the EU Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

The event organised in Tokyo 12-15 November 2012 during the Green Innovation Expo was the first step in this way. 18 European delegates participated in this mission composed of 9 couples: "Cluster & SME".

During GREEN INNOVATION EXPO three themes have been covered: the field of materials, in which Japan has high technological capabilities; the field of environmental and energy measures for the manufacturing industry, which is dealing with the strong appreciation of the Yen and issues surrounding electric power; and the field of water, in which great demand is expected centering around the developing countries.

The Green Innovation Expo represents a real opportunity for the European Cluster Delegation to develop partnerships and to initiate cooperation agreements with Japanese entities in the field of green materials.

On November 14 and 15 NPC had important B2B meetings in line with the biggest goals of the event, that is facilitating the internationalisation of European SMEs involved in these match-making events allowing them to access overseas markets.